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July 2015 Archives

Mind the Gap(s): Uber and the Liabilities of the Sharing Economy

Taxi Picture.jpgImagine pressing a button and, within minutes, a personal chauffeur arrives at your front door. Uber, the popular ridesharing app, has made this a common occurrence in over 300 cities spanning 58 countries worldwide. Users need only open the app on their smartphone, set their desired destination, press "Request Uber," and a driver will arrive in minutes. No physical money changes hands, as the user's credit card is billed automatically with tip figured in. In the words of Uber co-founder, Garrett Camp, "everyone can ride like a millionaire."

A Distinct Dilemma: The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Calculating Future Medical Expenses (Part 3 of 3)

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ACA Pic.pngIn previous posts, we discussed how the Affordable Care Act may be the death knell of the common law collateral source rule, which prevents defendants from introducing evidence that a plaintiff's future medical expenses will be covered by insurance. At a minimum, the ACA undercuts the main rationale for the rule-that tortfeasors should not benefit from a plaintiff's responsible choice to purchase insurance-because nearly every billed expense is more than the actual amount paid and because a plaintiff is almost guaranteed to have some coverage.

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