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Year: 2013

Those That Can, Usually Can’t Sue

Can contractors sue property owners for personal injury when they are injured by the same object they were hired to repair? Please read this entry to learn how a recent El Paso, Texas, case interpreting Chapter 95 of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code may...

August 2013 TBF Practice Tip

Rule 91a: Your Brand New Hammer (No MC Included)  We previously discussed pre-suit discovery. Let's see how that can be applied to your advantage once your case begins and you move to dismiss a baseless claim. Dismissal of Baseless Causes of Action New Texas Rule of...

July 2013 TBF Practice Tip

The Prequel (Pre-Suit Discovery):Let's Back Up for a BitWe previously discussed answering a lawsuit. To digress a little, I want to talk about pre-suit discovery under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 202.The Pre-Suit DepositionYou can obtain an order authorizing the...

J.B. Hunt Settles Case with EEOC

J.B. Hunt has been caught in such a case since 2009 and has finally agreed to settle the matter. In 2009, J.B. Hunt denied a minority applicant a truck driving position based on his criminal conviction record. The EEOC's position is that the applicant's criminal...

Truck Driver Hair Testing Could Save Lives

In May 2006, J.B. Hunt implemented a new drug screening policy which has kept more than 3,200 applicant drivers from employment. The new policy requires applicants to undergo hair follicle testing, in addition to, the urinary testing required by the Department of...

How do I set up my company’s finances?

One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can make is not properly setting up the financial operations of his company. Here are a few tips to make sure that your company is on the right track:1. Your company must have a separate bank account. "Commingling" is...