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What I Have Learned While Working at The Bassett Firm – Michael J. Noordsy

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I walked into The Bassett Firm (“TBF”) on 10.31.05 for my first day of work. Little did I know then how profoundly my life as an attorney, as well as, person, father, and friend would change.
I have said this time and time again – this is the hardest (yet, most fulfilling) job I have ever had. I didn’t realize what hard work as an attorney meant until I got to TBF.


PASSION. PREPARATION. PERSISTENCE. These three words are what TBF is all about. You can’t work at TBF and not see these words every day. They remind us daily what (1) commitment and (2) excellence look like. Our goal is to have our clients sleep like babies at night. This only occurs if their attorneys are doing things the TBF way.


What does this mean at TBF? It means not only enjoying the work you do, but doing it with vigor. It’s going the extra mile, not cutting corners. It’s a desire to do what’s best for our clients.
We love the work we do. We must, as the work is very demanding.


You must be thoroughly prepared to succeed as an attorney at TBF. It is not uncommon for a TBF attorney to prepare 10+ hours for a deposition. I have seen non-TBF defense attorneys show up for hearings, mediations, and depositions with a blank notepad. Some don’t even have a notepad or pen, for that matter. Those folks would never make it at TBF. Quite frankly, TBF attorneys already know the answer to their questions before they are asked, whether in a deposition or trial.

Preparation begins when the case comes in, whether it’s in litigation or not. We run down and visit with all key witnesses. We also run down and act upon all pertinent documents and evidence. We call this “turning over rocks.” We find things early on that most attorneys don’t think about until years down the road.


TBF attorneys (from the top to bottom) interview for their jobs daily. That means bringing your best every day, even when you don’t feel like it. We owe that to our clients. They expect it and deserve it.

I have also learned that daily Passion, Preparation, and Persistence support what our Mission Statement
We are blessed to work with amazing companies, large and small. We also work with wonderful folks in the insurance world. Further, we have the honor to represent individuals that are personally named in a lawsuit. Quite simply, we are here to help people. Folks that often are facing something they have never been through before. We are there when they are looking for support and guidance during a storm in their life.

Our Mission…The Good Samaritan

A man lies in a ditch, unable to rise on his own and at the mercy of others wishing to do him harm. Hundreds pass by; including those whom the man believed his closest friends, failing to offer aid until finally. . . the Good Samaritan arrives.
It is not until one is able to identify with the man in the ditch that he comes to truly value the strength received from the Good Samaritan.

Our Mission Is Clear:

Therefore, we at The Bassett Firm adopt this as our Mission Statement:
• To worry about our clients’ cases so that they do not have to;
• To counsel our clients in ways that best benefit them, even at our own expense;
• To listen to our clients;
• To strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations;
• To participate professionally in an often unprofessional arena;
• To be grateful for all that we have by giving back to the community; and
• To show our appreciation for those whose blood, sweat and tears go in to carrying out this Mission.

Finally, and most importantly, I learned early on that without the amazing effort of non-lawyers at TBF (paralegals, secretaries, billing/Finance folks, receptionist, law clerks, file room folks, etc.), TBF attorneys CAN’T do what they do. You’re only as good as your supporting cast. Without the TBF TEAM, a TBF attorney can’t excel.


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