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Watch Your Six!!

Watch your Six! A military term to watch out behind you. The term is equally applicable to truck drivers. Although rear underride guards (a/k/a ICC bars or rear bumpers) have been required for more than 65 years, they are not included on the list of safety related...

Where’s the Beef?

Have you noticed lately that the price of a Prime T-Bone at the local grocery store seems to have skyrocketed? Did you conclude that those cattle ranchers must be getting rich, buying new Cadillacs with all that extra change? If so, you would be WRONG! Despite record...

Drone Insurance: There’s an App for That!

In our continuing discussion about drones, today, we look at how to protect yourself when you are operating your drone.Introduction:What started out as the next generation of remote controlled toy for the kids-instead of the 1:22 scale replica of the Bigfoot Monster...


Oh Vanna, I'd like to buy a letter...In the abbreviated, truncated world we live, we no longer speak in complete sentences, but rather in "text-ese", everything has an acronym or abbreviation...including you-"U", and me-"RTC."In our last blog, Mike provided strategies...

Drones Revisited: Local Government Regulation

Introduction:Earlier in our series on drones, we analyzed the Taylor v. Huerta case where the D.C. Circuit Court struck down an FAA regulation requiring the registration of recreational use drone operators. Today, we look at a recent case from the United States...