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How InstaCart Helped Me Take A Better Deposition

The pandemic of 2020. Everybody’s lives have changed in ways they could have never imagined. One of those way, for me, is having my groceries delivered to my door. As I was going through my InstaCart order last Sunday, I realized that this method of grocery shopping...

Watch Your Six!!

Watch your Six! A military term to watch out behind you. The term is equally applicable to truck drivers. Although rear underride guards (a/k/a ICC bars or rear bumpers) have been required for more than 65 years, they are not included on the list of safety related...

Death Without a Will Part II: Administering the Estate

In the first part of this series, Death without a Will Part I: Identifying Heirs, we provided an overview of what occurs when a person dies without a will—when a “decedent” dies “intestate,”—and we analyzed the heirship proceeding that must be completed following the...

Death without a Will Part I: Identifying Heirs

“Everyone needs a will.” It’s a statement most have heard numerous times from attorneys, insurance agents, and financial/estate planners. Despite this common advice, many people do not draft a will or do any estate planning. But does it even matter? What happens when...

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