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Protecting Your Business Interests After A Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

Texas is one of the fastest-growing areas of the country today. That means thousands of new drivers, who are unfamiliar with Texas highways and roads, are unleashed every year. These motorists compete for roadway space with professional drivers for businesses that own a commercial vehicle fleet. Far too often, these professionals are blamed for accidents — accidents in which the facts tell a much different story.

The Bassett Firm offers motor vehicle accident defense representation to companies facing physical, mental, or financial claims against them as a result of an accident involving cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. Each lawyer at our firm has considerable trial experience, which positions us favorably to negotiate a cost-saving settlement, or to prevail if the case is litigated.

We can also help individuals who have been named in a motor vehicle accident personal injury lawsuit with their defense. Please call our office at 214-219-9900 for details.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

At The Bassett Firm, our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the Texas Transportation Code and the complex tri-lateral relationship between the attorney, insured and insurer. We litigate accidents involving, among others:

  • Semi-trailer trucks (18-wheelers)
  • Delivery vans, cars or trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Automobiles
  • Boats

Essentially, if you are the defendant in a personal injury motor vehicle claim, and the case involves something that runs on a motor, we can handle it.

Get Help Right Now From Our Rapid Response Team

If your company has just experienced a truck accident or commercial vehicle accident involving one of your vehicles, call our Rapid Response Team right away. This team is a dedicated group of attorneys within The Bassett Firm who focus on 24/7 service delivery. They are experienced in defense representation in catastrophic accidents and can get our network of local professionals to the scene of the incident as soon as possible.

The Rapid Response Team attorneys strive to preserve key pieces of evidence and to conduct an investigation that will provide you with a detailed picture of your potential legal exposure. They understand governmental requirements, motor carrier compliance timelines and how to evaluate your company’s culture of safety.

To be connected with our Rapid Response Team, call 214-845-7199.

Hire Our Firm To Access The Defense Services You Need

Our attorneys can save your company money, time and peace of mind after a motor vehicle accident. Call our office in Dallas at 214-219-9900. You can also email us using our online intake form.