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Rapid Response Team

The Bassett Firm has a Rapid Response Team of trucking and transportation attorneys who will immediately act following a trucking accident occurrence. We understand transportation clients need to know they are hiring passionate, prepared, and persistent lawyers.

The TBF Rapid Response Team consists of experienced trial attorneys who understand transportation law and have lengthy experience trying catastrophic trucking accident claims. Our Rapid Response Team the legislative rules pertaining to the trucking industry. The deadlines for motor carrier compliance with investigative authorities can be short. We also know how to preserve evidence, conduct investigations, and perform early evaluations to limit potential exposure. We are known for representing large trucking companies and their insurers. Our dedication allows us to provide a thorough and complete defense.

We will promptly respond to your requests for representation. We work closely with accident reconstruction experts, local and independent adjusters, and other experts who can assist throughout Texas and Arkansas.

When the unexpected happens, turn to an experienced and trusted partner in The Bassett Firm’s Rapid Response Team. We Know Texas | We Know Trucking

Subrogation occurs when an insurance company makes a payment on behalf of another party and then subsequently collects on that debt. Our attorneys defend insurance companies from subrogation actions in complicated lawsuits involving many different parties, representatives, and insurers. We understand the distinctions and navigate the complexities of an insurance subrogation action. Our legal team distinguishes itself by taking early action and investigating the issues.