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Texas Trial Attorneys With Extensive Insurance And Subrogation Experience

Subrogation occurs when an insurance company makes a payment on behalf of another party and then subsequently collects on that debt. However, in accidents involving trucks, multiple vehicles, or other factors, the fault is rarely easily determined or divided. If your insurance company has been asked to cover subrogation for a claim that involved one of your commercial policyholders, the costs can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our attorneys at The Bassett Firm defend insurance companies from subrogation actions in complicated lawsuits that have many different parties, representation and insurance involved. We understand the distinctions and navigate the myriad of complexities involved in an insurance subrogation action.

We Investigate Complex Cases And Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Our legal team distinguishes itself by taking early action and investigating the issues. For claims involving a motor vehicle accident, we deploy our Rapid Response Team so they can preserve key evidence – which sometimes can provide critical insights about fault and liability.

The attorneys at The Bassett Firm have extensive trial experience in motor vehicle defense cases, so we are well known to major insurers. We consult with experts in the fields of rehabilitative medicine and accident reconstruction, among others and present them as witnesses to undergird client cases when appropriate. Our firm’s attorneys can also mediate a subrogation action if an out-of-court settlement is a better solution to our clients’ situations.

Contact Our Dallas Office For Assistance With Subrogation Actions

If your insurance company has been saddled with a subrogation lawsuit, contact the attorneys of The Bassett Firm for experienced counsel and representation. To schedule a consultation, call our Dallas office at 214-219-9900 or send us an email using our online intake form.