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The Early Bird Saves Money

Early Bird Clock.JPGParties are often reluctant to spend heavily on developing a case in its early stages opting instead to wait until closer to trial to see if the case will settle on its own before incurring costs. However, this approach typically will cost a client more money overall. Here is what an early case assessment can do for you.

Look Before You Leap (or Cross): The Law in Mississippi Assumes You Will!

Railroad Crossing.jpgIn May 2008 John Brown drove his garbage truck across a railroad crossing in Copiah County, Mississippi, and was struck by an Amtrak train operated on tracks owned by Illinois Central Railroad Company ("Illinois Central"). An advance warning sign stood 22 feet from the tracks and another warning sign stood 15 feet from the tracks. Mr. Brown's view of the oncoming train was unobstructed, but he never stopped before entering the crossing even though the train blew its horn. It was undisputed that, at a distance of 25 feet from the crossing, Mr. Brown could see 2000 feet down the tracks.

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