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Our Practice

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers. If we cannot help you, we will assist you to find someone who can. We are hired every day to zealously represent our clients’ interests in the following practice areas:

Construction Litigation

Every step of a construction project can introduce complex unforeseeable legal issues on the most prepared, skilled, and experienced professional. We represent all parties involved in the construction process and especially those at risk, including commercial, general, and sub-contractors, developers, and suppliers. We defend against and litigate breaches of contract, project disputes, negligence, accidents, injuries, disasters, and other actions or claims.


Insurers generally have a duty to defend but not always the duty to indemnify. The duty to defend is determined by the pleadings and the policy or the eight corners rule in Texas. The duty to indemnify is more complex and determined by various answers and intense investigation. Insurers may face situations where they are called to defend but may be required to indemnify – and we represent those companies. We handle all aspects of insurance coverage in Texas. From the duty to defend and indemnify – or any dispute where coverage is an issue – we routinely handle such matters.

Criminal Defense

Fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, nephews and nieces may all one day face a criminal charge or accusation. It is important to have competent representation to get those you care about through the legal system as unscathed as possible. We defend against class A, B, and C misdemeanor charges in the Metroplex. Our attorneys handle DWI, obstruction of a highway, criminal trespass, UCW, possession, criminal mischief, failure to leave identification and array of other criminal misdemeanor charges.

Dram Shop

In Texas, any drinking establishments where alcoholic beverages may be sold and consumed are considered “Dram Shops” and may be subject to strict liability laws in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.  “Dram Shops” are liable for injuries caused by overserving and we defend against all accusations of fault or liability a drinking establishment may face. We confront and litigate against claims of overserving, serving to minors, injury, proportional liability, accidents, and claims of action to which any drinking establishment may be joined.

Employer Liability

Employers are not only liable for what they or their employees do to third parties but also are liable for their employee’s occupational injuries. We protect small and large employers from claims against their businesses for employment related injuries. We handle off-sight and on-sight claims and everything in between that may result in an action against your business.

Food-Borne Illness

Millions of Texans patronize professional eating establishments on a regular basis. Those restaurants serve millions of meals and are at risk for foodborne illness liability. In Texas, we advocate for the small local family owned to the nation-wide branded restaurants. We defend against and litigate medical expenses, sickness, injuries, and death claims allegedly caused by bacteria, viruses, and other foodborne illnesses.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Texas is one of the fastest growing areas of the country today and that means thousands of new drivers unfamiliar with Texas highways and roads are unleashed every year. We are thoroughly familiar with the Texas Transportation Code and the complex tri-lateral relationship between attorney, insured, and insurer. Our representation extends to those facing physical, mental, or financial claims against them as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We litigate accidents involving motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and anything that runs on a motor.


In today’s changing economy it is not unusual for the average working adult to change jobs or companies numerous times. Many companies or firms or industries use non-competes in Texas to maintain integrity in their business. We defend the enforceability of these binding agreements. Our knowledge base covers non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation agreements, extension after violation, attorney’s fees, and all the intricacies and moving parts of non-compete agreements in Texas.

Non-Subscriber Employer Liability

In Texas, companies have the option to choose not to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage.  Such companies represent a huge part of the state’s economy. We represent companies who have exercised their right to opt out of a workers’ compensation. We handle any all liability claims an employee might bring against their employer for injuries sustained in their occupation when the business has chosen to opt out of workers’ compensation. We evaluate each and every individual situation to determine areas if weakness and strength and take quick action to remedy the issues.


Subrogation occurs when an insurance company makes a payment on behalf of another party and then subsequently collections on that debt. Our attorney’s defend insurance companies from subrogation actions in complicated law suits that have many different parties, representation, and insurance involved. We understanding the distinctions and navigate the myriad of complexities involved an insurance subrogation action. Our legal team distinguishes itself by taking early action and investigating the issues.

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