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Coming to a Texas Court Near You: Service Via Social Media

As technology develops and changes, so too does the practice of law. Although the law changes and adapts more slowly than many other industries, Texas litigants may soon be able to harness technology-specifically social media-as a vehicle of service. Although Texas Courts have not yet addressed this issue of service of process via social media, several courts from New York have already approved service of citation through Facebook in specific instances. These examples may give us an idea of how Texas courts will handle this issue. 

Issues Related to the Operation of Electric Scooters

Recently, several businesses throughout the North Texas area have begun ride-sharing operations in which individuals may rent electric scooters for personal travel and recreation. The popularity of these programs gives rise to several legal issues in the personal injury and litigation context.

Designating Responsible Third Parties

The Civil Practice and Remedies Code permits the designation of responsible third parties, who are alleged to have caused or contributed to causing the harm for which recovery of damages is sought, whether by negligent act or omission by other conduct or activity that violates an applicable legal standard, or by any combination of these. TEX. CIV. PRAC. & REM. CODE ยง 33.011(6). 

I got an Affidavit from who? GUNN V. MCCOY - SCOTX weighs in on who can execute an Affidavit under Section 18.001

As previously discussed in our 9-part blog series on the 7 Things You Need to Know about Section 18.001 Affidavits, affidavits submitted under Section 18.001 are an exception to the general hearsay rule that would otherwise require plaintiffs to provide expert testimony to establish the reasonableness and necessity of the services and charges provided. Given that the issue of whether services and charges are reasonable and necessary is typically a subject requiring a witness to meet the threshold requirements for experts under Texas Rule of Evidence 702, it is perhaps unsurprising that the question of WHO is permitted to execute an 18.001 affidavit is a hotly contested issue.

Autonomous Vehicles Are Here - What does that mean for personal injury landscape? Part I. Autonomous Vehicles 101

No longer limited to pop culture and science fiction, autonomous vehicles are real and are here to stay. Although autonomous vehicles have been in development since the 1920s, only recently has there been a big push from entities such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") and the Department of Transportation ("DOT") for these types of vehicles. One explanation for this recent push is that autonomous vehicles ("AV") are expected to reduce MVAs by 80% to 90%, since the "NHTSA" estimates 94% of motor vehicle accidents are caused by human error. But what exactly does "autonomous vehicle" mean?

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