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In Defense of Others-Centeredness

Deadline Image.jpgGoogle the topic "lawyer marketing" or "improving your law practice" and you will get 2,640,000 results in .61 seconds. And no doubt, there is probably some good information buried in those 2,640,000 results. However, what is not contained in these search results (in at least the first 6 pages of results) is the concept of "other-centeredness." In this edition of The Bassett Bulletin, I will discuss the concept of other-centeredness and how it really should be the foundation of a successful - - and impactful - - legal career.

Misnomer vs. Misidentification

54000559_blog.jpgIt is easy to get these two mixed up, but there are several key distinctions that make proper identification of misnomer versus misidentification essential for understanding (1) the significance of the opposing party's mistake and (2) what to do if presented with such a mistake.

Drones Part 3: Civil Liability and Drones


In the second installment of our series on drones, we analyzed a recent opinion  in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit regarding a verdict that will affect the legality of registering your drones. As we learned last time, owners of recreational "model aircraft" are not obligated to register with the FAA nor are they subject to civil fines or imprisonment for not doing so as it is a violation of 336(a) of the FAA Modernization Act.

Drones Part 2: Breaking News--Taylor v. FAA and Registering Drones with the FAA Rule Changes

20419335_blog.jpgIn the first installment of our series on drones, we took you through a brief history of drone and aircraft regulation, along with the current criminal laws that are in play in order to help you navigate safely without ending up in the slammer. We had planned to explore civil liability and insurance issues related to drone operation in our second installment; however, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit changed that when it issued its decision in Taylor v. Huerta on May 19, 2017 that changes the landscape regarding individuals and their use of drones by invalidating the FAA Registration Rule requiring drones and "model aircraft" to be registered with the FAA.

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