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How a trucking company defends itself when a driver is at fault

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Commercial Litigation

Accidents are practically inevitable in the trucking business. When a truck driver is at fault for such an accident, the trucking company must navigate the aftermath to protect its interests.

Immediate responses and long-term resolutions are all part of mitigating the effects of liability. Trucking companies employ a series of measures to defend themselves against potential legal and financial consequences.

Immediate action

When an accident occurs, the first step for a trucking company is to promptly respond to the incident. This involves dispatching a company representative to the scene to gather essential information. This representative documents the essential details of the accident. These might include witness statements, weather conditions and any visible damages.

Driver accountability

In cases where the truck driver is at fault, the company holds the driver accountable for their actions. This often involves disciplinary measures. Additional training or counseling can be effective responses. In severe cases, termination may even be necessary.

Insurance coverage

Trucking companies rely on comprehensive insurance coverage to protect themselves in the event of accidents. Following an incident, the company works closely with its insurance provider to assess the extent of coverage. Timely and accurate communication with the insurance company can ensure a smooth resolution. Being quick and accurate in the claims process mitigates certain financial repercussions.

Preventive measures

To minimize the risk of future accidents, trucking companies should implement preventive measures. This includes reinforcing safety protocols, providing ongoing training for drivers, and investing in advanced safety technologies. Being proactive can prevent future incidents and safeguard the company’s reputation in the industry.

The National Safety Council reports the involvement of 117,300 large trucks in injury-inducing crashes in 2021. Each of these crashes represents a potential liability problem for trucking companies, so knowing how to form a defense is absolutely necessary.


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