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Civil Liability for Livestock on Highways

Historically, Texas has rejected the English common-law rule, which imposes a duty on livestock owners to restrain their animals. However, the Texas Constitution explicitly authorized the Legislature to deviate from this rule should they choose. Tex. Const. Art. XVI...

Errata Sheet Considerations

During depositions there are many things that can go awry in the process, the most significant of which can be your client making a mistake or providing inaccurate testimony. What can you do? What remedies should you pursue, if any? You can cross examine your witness...

Ambiguity in Arbitration Agreements

Ambiguity and Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements The Texas Supreme Court concluded in a per curiam ruling on March 18, 2022, that three provisions in a written contract between a gentlemen's club and a deceased employee are not so ambiguous as to render the...

Positivity in 2022

2022 is officially here and I’m not going to lie, it’s starting to feel like deja-vu all over again. The holidays came and went, and while I would have normally looked forward to catching up with my Team about their holidays over one of our Friday office breakfasts,...

Loss of Consortium Claims

Loss of consortium is a type of damage claim that may be brought during personal injury actions – most often by the spouse of the person injured by a tortfeasor. Under such circumstances, “consortium” means the mutual right of the spouses to that affection, solace,...