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Helping Texas Employers Manage Their Workforce Successfully

Businesses in Texas are required by federal or state law to provide a variety of protections to their employees. While most employers care about their work teams and know a healthy workplace is essential to the company’s prosperity, the nuances of employment and workers’ compensation law are ever-changing and can be difficult to understand.

The Bassett Firm knows and fights for the rights of Texas businesses. Our attorneys provide representation and advice on employment law topics, including workers’ compensation and non-subscription requirements. We understand defending your company against an employment lawsuit can be expensive and difficult, so we seek to help you prevent that whenever possible. And if you choose to opt out of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance program, we provide comprehensive services if an employee of yours is injured on the job.

Trusted Experience In Employment Law Matters

For many small businesses in our state, owners and managers need to put most of their focus on running the business. But if a current or former employee hits you with a lawsuit complaint, you must defend yourself.

At The Bassett Firm, our attorneys have defended clients against charges that include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Wrongful termination

Beyond litigation representation, our attorneys provide instructional courses on employment matters, with many of the sessions certified as continuing education credits by the Texas Department of Insurance. They can provide counsel to your business to avoid problems before they start.

Workers’ Compensation Non-Subscriber? We Have You Covered.

In Texas, companies have the option to choose not to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Such companies represent a huge part of the state’s economy. We represent companies who have exercised their right to opt out of workers’ compensation insurance.

We handle all liability claims an employee might bring against their employer for injuries sustained at work when the business has chosen to opt out of workers’ compensation. We evaluate each individual situation to determine areas of weakness and strength and take quick action to remedy the issues.

Learn More About How We Protect Texas Employers

From our office in Dallas, we work with companies throughout the state of Texas. To request a confidential consultation about employment or workers’ compensation matters, call 214-219-9900 or use our online contact form.