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When It’s Time To Turn To Mediation, Turn To Us

The Bassett Firm is a firm staffed with trial attorneys who focus on trying cases. That said, we understand that handing your case over to a jury to decide is filled with uncertainty. You never know what a jury is going to do with the evidence. Additionally, even the most experienced, skilled attorneys do lose cases they should have won, and do win cases that (in all fairness) they should have lost.

In the best case scenario for litigation, if you do receive a verdict favorable to you, you will have spent a lot of time, money and effort on the case, which could have been spent building your business. One other thing to consider – our attorneys have never had a client, even one who won a case, turn to them leaving the courthouse and say, “That was fun. When can we go to court again?”

A Mediator With The Breadth And Depth Of Experience You Need

Firm partner Michael H. Bassett has been a mediator in civil cases for 19 years and a trial attorney for more than 35. As our lead mediator, he brings extensive experience and a broad perspective informed by mediating conflicts in these areas of the law, among others:

Another advantage Mike brings to the table: he still has an active trial practice. This sets him apart from many other Texas mediators and gives him continuing insight into when to employ mediation and when to employ litigation to solve a legal dispute.

Contact Us To Talk To Our Mediation Team

Our firm’s attorneys look forward to mediating – and settling – your case. To learn more about mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, call our office in Dallas at 214-219-9900 or fill out our online intake form.