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Michael H. Bassett

Photo of attorney Michael J. Noordsy

Michael J. Noordsy

Headshot of Christopher E. Anderson

Christopher E. Anderson

Headshot of Kimberly Guest

Kimberly Guest

Photo Of Alex Harper

Alex Harper

Photo of attorney Sadie A. Horner

Sadie A. Horner

Photo Of Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones

Photo of attorney Nina Lariscy

Nina Lariscy

Headshot of Robert L. McGee
Robert L. McGee, Jr.
Photo of attorney Libbi O’Dean

Libbi O’Dean

Headshot of Aaron Rolen

Aaron J. Rolen

Headshot of Emily A. Seale

Emily A. Seale


Paralegal Jeannie Atkinson headshot

Jeannie Atkinson

Paralegal Kristy Jackson headshot

Kristy Jackson

Headshot of Paralegal Jozie Perkins

Jozie Perkins

Paralegal Amanda Sanders headshot

Amanda Sanders

Paralegal Mark Young headshot

Mark Young

In Memoriam

Teegan Hill

Teegan Hill

Of Counsel

Of Counsel Office Dog Grace photo