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At The Bassett Firm, we provide peace of mind. We are trial attorneys. Not litigators, but attorneys who try cases. Our years of trial experience protect you and your company.

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What We Do

At The Bassett Firm, we are trial attorneys. Not litigators, but attorneys who try cases. We have tried over 300 cases to verdict in counties throughout Texas and across the United States. Our litigated cases have focused in areas such as construction law, products liability, transportation, employer liability and non-subscriber law, premises liability, subrogation, business disputes, contracts, industrial accidents, appeals, commercial disputes, personal injury, and insurance litigation.

Why have so many clients made us their “go to” law firm when they are sued? It’s simple:

  • We do an early, thorough investigation of every case.
  • We provide a timely, honest evaluation of liability and damages.
  • We are responsive.
  • We “give back” to our clients.

First, as soon as we are hired, we thoroughly investigate all of the facts surrounding each case. Whether it is a business dispute, a question about a contract, or a catastrophic accident, we analyze all facets of the legal issues that could potentially arise or are in dispute. For example, we interview witnesses, go to accident scenes, if necessary, and analyze foreseeable impediments that could potentially emerge. In short, we “get out in front” of every case on which we are hired. We do all of this in a matter of days and weeks; not months and years.

Second, after a complete investigation, we provide a timely, honest evaluation of the controversy at hand. Be it liability and damages, the cost of a breach of a contract, or whatever the specific legal issues are on the matter we are hired on, our goal is to have promptly determined the attendant risks, and provided our clients with their options and the pros and cons of each course of action. We listen, we answer questions, and we give honest, clear answers to the tough questions, at this stage, rather than waiting until the eve of trial.

Then the client can make a well-informed decision about whether to settle the case, or try it. Once the client decides on a course of action, we focus all of our energies on achieving the desired goal. If the client decides that a case needs to be settled, we posture the case to maximize our client’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. If a client decides to take a case to trial, we work tirelessly towards our goal of being the most prepared lawyers in the courtroom.

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