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Month: March 2013

Easy ways to lower your litigation cost: Part 3

Even when you're a professional claims handler, it's often easy to discount the value of social media research. In a word: Don't. Especially as sites like Facebook constantly update their security settings, important information on plaintiffs, third parties, and even...

Is your Independent Contractor Really an Employee?

Last month, the Dallas Court of Appeals renewed the general rule of how to determine whether or not your independent contractor is really an employee. The general rule is a test of "control." Poynor v. BMW of N. Am., LLC, No. 05-10-00724-CV, 2013 Tex. App. LEXIS 1743...

Easy ways to lower your litigation cost: Part 2

A claims handler can significantly curtail pre-litigation costs by performing basic document retrieval herself. Building the case file beyond what is provided by the insured requires diligent requests to law enforcement and state agencies. While time-consuming, such...

Easy ways to lower your litigation cost: Part 1

It's not an easy time to be an insurance claims professional. Increased claims and a slow economy have brought added pressure to lower litigation costs. Many claims professionals find themselves braving the fine line between handling tasks that are appropriate for an...