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Premises Does Not Include Personal Property

The Case: Spurlock v. Beacon Lloyds Ins. Co., 2015 Tex. App. LEXIS 818 (Tex. App.-Eastland Jan. 29, 2015, no pet. filed) Brief Facts: J.O. Spurlock ("J.O.") procured an insurance policy from Beacon Lloyds Insurance Company ("Beacon"). The policy provided dwelling...

Pictures (Objective Evidence) or it Never Happened

Calderon v. Home State County Mutual Insurance Company, --S .W.3d--, LEXIS _________, Cause No. 01-14-00006-CV (Tex.App.-Houston [1st Dist.] Jan. 15, 2015)-Subjective complaints of pain and suffering clearly within the province of jury to determine Facts of the Case...

2 + 1 = Hire an Expert to Figure it out?

The Case: JLG. Trucking LLC v. Garza, 2013 Tex. App. LEXIS 12474 (Tex. App.-San Antonio Oct. 9, 2013, pet. filed) Brief Facts: In July of 2008 an 18-wheeler driven by JLG rear-ended a truck driven by Lauren Garza. In October of 2008, Ms. Garza was involved in a second...