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Year: 2018

Avoid the Headache of a DWI this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for friends & family to come together and celebrate. Whether it's the office party or dinner at grandma's, getting together often means drinking. It's no surprise that more traffic accidents and alcohol-related highway deaths occur during...

Confessions of a Mediator

Having mediated close to 1,000 cases in over 15 years, I have noticed that the lawyers who get the best settlements (either on the Plaintiff or Defendant side), have three things in common. First, they submit to me Mediation Position Statement Papers that put their...

Express Warranty Liability

Can a home improvement store be held liable for representations made about their installation contractors? Big box home improvement retailers don't actually perform the work themselves, but they still may face liability for the work of the contractors they suggest...

Texas Supreme Court Weekly Update October 29, 2018

In Musa (“Moses”) N. Musallam v. Amar B. Ali, a breach of contract case, the Texas Supreme Court determined whether a party who fails to object to the submission of a particular question to the Jury can later challenge the sufficiency of evidence supporting the submission of that question and/or assert that the Jury’s response to the question is immaterial.…

Texas Supreme Court Weekly Update October 12, 2018

This week the Texas Supreme Court issued one opinion addressing jurisdictional issues in the context of a tax dispute. The principal issue in the suit was whether, and to what extent, the Court had jurisdiction to decide county boundaries and determine tax liabilities between San Patricio and Nueces County. The Court held that it had original jurisdiction and that taxes…