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May 2018 Archives

Creative Application of Texas Rule of Evidence 1006

In recent years, Texas Courts have afforded increasing latitude in the use of Texas Rule of Evidence 1006, which allows for the use of a summary, chart, or calculation to prove the content of voluminous documents. The rule itself has traditionally been used to provide damages calculations and similar summaries, but the rule is broadly written and Courts have been hesitant to overturn judgments based on the use of even atypical Rule 1006 summaries. This makes Rule 1006 a valuable and persuasive tool for trial attorneys.

Challenging Inflated Medical Bills - New Texas Supreme Court Guidance on Relevance

In a recent opinion, In Re North Cypress Medical Center Operating Co., Ltd., the Texas Supreme Court allowed a Defendant to obtain information about a medical provider's insurance contracts and billing information in a dispute regarding the reasonableness of the medical provider's charges. With this holding, the Texas Supreme Court may have handed personal injury Defendants a powerful tool for investigating and challenging inflated medical bills.

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